Innovation as guiding principle

Hospital Innovations believes in changes to enhance the life of the patient and the medical possibility of the specialist in the operating room. Hospital Innovations’ products have been selected because of the innovative approach by the company to its line of products. For this reason Hospital Innovations carries almost exclusively pioneering and niche products.



Hospital Innovations supplies trauma and implant material for orthopedic surgery and endovascular laser therapy. It also has a complete range of equipment for kidney stone treatment for urologists.


Trauma material

Acumed is a pioneer in anatomically shaped plates for clavicle, proximal humerus, distal humerus, olecranon and distal radius. Acumed is still considered to be a leader in trauma products for the uper limb. Together with the trauma implants, Acumed delivers a user friendly instrument kit of the finest quality!



Several pioneers have been identified in the ranges supplied by Hospital Innovations : Arthrosurface (US), pioneer for the development of cartilage prosthesis with perfect curvature. Aston (F) developed a unique concept for a reversed shoulder, Aptis (US) has  the unique Scheker prosthesis for the distal radio-ulnar joint reconstruction.